The Endless Recorder Notebook Review

Endless Recorder Notebook Cover 2

I was contacted recently by a representative of Endless, a manufacturer of fine notebooks, with an offer to review one of their Endless Recorder Notebooks. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and within a few days, I had a lovely care package on my doorstep.

Endless Recorder Notebook Cover

The Endless Recorder is a hardcover A5 notebook filled with 68gsm Tomoe River paper. Like many higher-end journals today, it features numbered pages, a multi-page index/table of contents section, one ribbon page marker, and an elastic closure band. Endless offers these books in standard ruled, dot grid, squared/graph ruled, and blank formats, with leatherette covers in black, red, green, or blue. Each notebook ships in a hand-made cotton pouch that also features an integrated pen loop so you can keep a writing instrument handy. The folks at Endless were also kind enough to send me a personalized Brooch clip. The intended purpose of that piece is to have a space to clip on scraps or sheets of paper as needed, but I just like the way it looks.

Endless Recorder Notebook Written Review

Overall the notebook performs incredibly well. Tomoe River paper is universally lauded as the most fountain pen friendly on the market and, to the surprise of nobody, it holds up perfectly here. If you happen to have any TR paper or notebooks around and haven’t ink swabbed them already, you’re really missing out on some fun. The leatherette cover is also very nice. The material feels durable, is very comfortable to hold, and quite pleasant to look at.

Is it worth it?

Anyone can just get some Tomoe River paper, slap it between a thick book cover, and call it a notebook. That in and of itself is not what excites me with the Endless Recorder. Sure, the brooch is a cool addon, the carry bag with an integrated pen loop is great, but my key takeaway from this review is that Endless takes all these features that people love in various notebooks and implements them incredibly well into the final product.

The Endless Recorder is a very well-made notebook available for a reasonable price. What more could anyone ask for?

Check out the Endless Recorder Here.

You can also find Endless Recorder notebooks at Pen Chalet.

Disclaimer: Made By Endless provided this product to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions stated are those of the author.

4 thoughts on “The Endless Recorder Notebook Review

  1. I’d have been all over this already if it had the features you name, plus dot grid paper… I like the TOC and the numbered pages and want dots!! 🙂


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