BaronFig TRACE Notebook Review

Baron Fig Trace Cover

BaronFig is at it again with another very interesting stationary release in the form of Trace; a softcover Vanguard-size notebook that features outlined drawings created in collaboration with illustrator Kyle T. Webster.

Each page of the Trace features a unique illustration designed to be, well, traced. The idea is that the act of tracing these lines is a meditative and relaxing experience. The BaronFig website also advertises that, as an added bonus, you can use the pages like an adult coloring book once they’re traced.

The Trace is filled with BaronFig’s standard stock paper; a mostly fountain pen friendly, smooth, and durable product that plays well with pretty much every pen or pencil I’ve tried. Wetter nibs and porous-point fine liners tend to ghost heavily and bleed through in some cases. I’d recommend sticking with a good gel or rollerball pen, extra-fine fountain pen, or a pencil if you’re into that sort of thing.

A Meditative Medium

Trace could be considered a successor to Unfinish, a previous limited edition that featured partial sketches from another designer which were to be completed by the user. While this edition does take out a fair amount of the creativity required by the Unfinish, it actually is pretty relaxing to just take a break and follow the lines for a bit. The designs inside are varied from scenery and rock formations to abstract and out of this world visuals.

Baron Fig Trace Spread

I’ve been carrying the Trace around in my daily commute bag for a few weeks now. During the quieter moments, and the moments when I missed the quiet, I found myself reaching for the Trace. I’ve got to be honest… it sounded kind of gimmicky. (Sorry!) But the more I used it, the more I started to enjoy the ritual. Following the lines of these strange doodles took the (for lack of a better term) creative strain out of putting pen to paper. At the very least, the Trace provides an excuse to use all the pens I insist on carrying around with me on a daily basis.

HUGE thanks to BaronFig for sending this one out!

Check out the BaronFig Trace.

Disclaimer: BaronFig provided this product to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions stated are those of the author.

Baron Fig Trace Cover
BaronFig Trace

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