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Long-time readers will know that I’m a fan of BaronFig and their minimal-design philosophy, maximum-function product catalog. Recently they expanded that catalog to include a few desk and notebook accessories designed to help you “do your best thinking,” wherever you happen to be working. Being the work-from-home pen nerd that I am I was excited to see these new products, and BaronFig was kind enough to send me a whole box of goodies to review. Let’s take a look!

Strategist and Nomad Notes

The Nomad sticky note cards are a great little post-it alternative that feature smooth rounded corners, a dot-grid layout, and BaronFig’s high-quality paper stock. These sticky notes are great for jotting down quick ideas or tasks, getting them onto paper, and out of mind.

The Strategist To-Do cards are a great evolution of the standard 3×5 index card. On the backside, a standard dot-grid array for all your note or sketching needs. On the front, a simple but organized task list format with line bubbles to check-off items as you go. Excellent for keeping track of steps in a process, ingredients in a recipe, shopping lists, etc. You get the idea they’re list cards.

Guardian Leather Notebook Case

The Guardian Leather case is the simplest form of coverage you can get for your Confidant notebook. Made of vegetable-tanned full grain Italian leather, the cover is very soft to the touch while remaining durable and resistant to hard damage. Like any other leather accessory the scrapes and scuffs picked up over time will bring a great deal of character and personality to the cover, truly making it as unique as the person carrying it.

While I’ve never considered any Confidant limited edition or core cover to be particularly ‘flashy’ or eccentric in design, the black leather certainly adds a layer of professional style to the setup. Even BaronFig’s thicker/higher page count guided journals fit neatly into the cover pockets of this purpose-built cover. One thing the leather Guardian doesn’t offer is internal storage or organization. I can’t really say that this is a ‘missing feature’ since the cover is just a cover, not a folio or organizer or something intended to systemize your notebook experience. However, it is a consideration one should make when investing in their writing experience. Yes, technically you can stash cards or loose sheets of paper into the cover flaps in the front and back, but an actual designated index card pocket would be nice.

Guardian Pro Notebook Case

Now this was a real surprise. BaronFig has offered the leather Confidant case for a long time (years?) and, while it is very good at what it does, it only really does one thing. While the leather does an excellent job of stylishly protecting the Confidant notebook, the Guardian Pro takes things a few steps further and adds layers of functionality.

Starting on the outside, the Guardian Pro features a rigid frame with a durable zippered closure. The exterior front pocket extends the full width of the cover, making it perfect for stashing pens, note cards, or (in the case of the latest limited release) envelopes. On the inside cover we find three more pockets for storing additional accessories or paper pieces. On the opposite side is a nearly full-width pocket for securing the back cover of your Confidant notebook. And in the middle something simple, obvious, and previously missing from all of BaronFig’s prior releases; an elastic pen loop.

Guardian Pro

The Guardian Pro case is a fantastic addon for any Confidant notebook. Like most pen nerds-um… Pen Enthusiasts*, I like to have a few accessories on hand with my notebook. Having these few extra pockets really makes a difference when selecting a vessel for your notebook. And, coincidentally, the Pro case is a PERFECT addon for the Letters to the Future edition.

Mosaic Desk Organizer

The Mosaic Desk Organizer is another surprise addition to the catalog. Its stated purpose is to “reduce clutter” and “increase productivity.” The Mosaic features three Squire-size pen stands, a 2.5 inch square “catch-all” cup, a Confidant-size notebook dock, and two 3 inch wide dock sections for note cards, your phone, or whatever else fits.

In all fairness, reducing the clutter on MY desk is a task too great for any one organizing tray. With that being said, the Mosaic does an excellent job of at least organizing all of the various BaronFig accessories that made it into my daily rotation. The pen stands keep whatever pieces I can fit standing at the ready, and the notebook dock is great for keeping reference catalogs or some breaktime reading close by.

Although I have yet to get my hands on it, the recently-added Mosaic Tool Cup appears to offer a much more general-purpose method of storage, offering space for pens, pencils, scissors, or other accessories not necessarily from the BaronFig product catalog.


I’ve rearranged my work-from-home space close to a dozen times this year, and adding these new components to the setup has given my workspace a nice finished feel. It is really nice to have a place specifically to rest my pens at the end of the day. And as much as I like the size and style of the Confidant, the fabric covers pick up every bit of loose fur my cat has to offer. A new leather cover may not be necessary, it is really nice to have. It’s fantastic to see BaronFig continuing to expand their brand beyond the original pen and notebook that got them started. This being the gift-giving season, BaronFig does make some very nice tools for the thinker in your life.

Disclaimer: With the exception of the leather Confidant cover, BaronFig provided these products to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions stated are those of the author.

If you would like to check out these products for yourself, use this affiliate link for $10 off your order of $25 or more.

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