Pineider Avatar UR Fountain Pen Review

Pineider Avatar UR Amber

The Pineider Avatar UR is the lowest point of entry to the Pineider line of fine writing instruments. The company has a history dating back to 1774, so I’m excited to get a glimpse of what the brand is all about through their most budget-friendly option.

Let’s take a look.

The Pen

The Avatar UR Demonstrator is a resin-built, magnetic-capped pen with a steel nib and a converter filling system. The clip and accents are all polished metal, providing a nice contrast and clean finished look to the translucent amber barrel. The UR stands for “Ultra Resin,” which the manufacturer claims make this pen unbreakable. I won’t be putting that claim to the test, but luckily Brian Goulet already did the honors. In use, this special material feels just like any other resin-body pen.

Pineider Avatar Open

The grip section is metal at its core, wrapped in a soft rubber-feeling grip to provide support and comfort over longer writing sessions. I believe newer versions of the pen are equipped with a contoured metal grip section, but those also have a higher price tag.

Pineider Avatar Grip and Nib

Using The Pen

The Avatar UR provides a pretty standard writing experience for a steel nib. Though the nib is advertised as “semi-flexible” it feels very firm when writing. The application of pressure does provide a little line variation, but it takes an almost uncomfortable amount to achieve. I was a bit concerned that the lack of a breather hole would make for dryer writing, but the nib puts down a smooth and steady flow of ink. The nib is a great writer.

Pineider Avatar Sample Page

The metallic accents do make the pen a bit heavy on the back end, shifting the center of gravity back during regular use. Even more so if/when the cap is posted. The clip is narrow with a flare on the end to catch pocket rims or the edge of your pen case. I admit I wasn’t a fan of the clip design at first, but once I effortlessly slipped the pen into my pocket and the clip naturally sat in place, I was sold. With the translucent cap, the internal spring is visible. It’s a simple mechanism, but well designed and wonderfully executed.

Pineider Avatar grip seam
One minor imperfection; a small gap between the body and the metal ring. Doesn’t feel loose at all though. No effect on function.


At the end of the day, I’m pretty satisfied with the Avatar UR. As my introduction to the Pineider brand, it makes a very strong first impression. Although it is the most affordable pen in the lineup, it isn’t what anyone would consider “budget friendly” coming in at just under $100. But, like with many other fine writing brands, that extra expense does get you the collected experience and know-how of generations. A pen designed thoughtfully that, if treated well, will last a lifetime.

Check out the Pineider Avatar UR at Pen Chalet

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by The Poor Penman. All opinions stated are my own.

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