BaronFig Do Work Journal Overview

BaronFig is at it again with a new Confidant guided edition; the Do Work Journal. This notebook aims to help you map out your quarterly goals, breakdown weekly tasks, and track daily progress.

Baron Fig Do Work Journal

Like the guided editions that came before, this notebook has a similar form factor to the original Confidant, with a little extra thickness from the additional content pages. The cover is clothbound in a soft blue, with the edition’s “DO” logo embossed on the cover. The inside of the cover is decorated with a line-art of computers, notebooks, and other desk items. This doesn’t add to the function of the notebook, I just like the artwork BaronFig uses on their products. It’s worth a call-out.

Baron Fig Do Work Journal Inside Cover

The Do Work journal opens with an illustrated quick start guide, outlining BaronFig’s three-part tracking system. The system is pretty straightforward and easy to jump into. Bullet Journal users will have no trouble using this book. Each daily section has space for scheduled events and appointments, and a dot-grid notes section on the opposite page.

Baron Fig Do Work Journal Daily Spread

As for standard features, each page is numbered, there is a tight elastic closure band on the back, and a single ribbon page marker is built in to the spine. There is no table of contents at the start of the book, but there is an index section near the end along with a note section of unformatted dot grid pages. BaronFig’s paper quality is always solid, and this is no exception. This paper will hold up to just about any pen you throw at it.

Like many others, I’m gradually learning the rythym of working from home. Balancing my work schedule and staying focused have been something of a challenge lately, so I’ll take all the help I can get.

Check out the BaronFig Do Work Journal here.

Disclaimer: BaronFig provided this product to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review.

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