BaronFig Wander Dream Journal Review


BaronFig’s latest paper creation is something a little different; A new type of book in a familiar package. The Wander Dream Journal is BaronFig’s latest release and, in addition to being a completely different type of journal on the inside, BaronFig has also made some slight tweaks to the traditional Confidant design. Let’s take a look and see if this dream journal could be the journal of your dreams! (I’m not sorry about that.)

Baron Fig Wander

The Book

The Wander Dream Journal has the same dimensions as the standard Flagship Confidant, same fabric cover, same page count, and same paper quality.
The layout of the Wander is described by BaronFig as “A Guided Experience.” Each page provides the user with sections to indicate the Emotion, Sleep Quality, Time, Color, Viewpoint, and Type of dream. These sections are along the outer border of each page, leaving the rest of a two-page spread for sections for recall, visualization, and interpretation of the dream. You are given the space to describe the dream, sketch out any particular details you see fit, and reflect upon what you think it all means.

Baron Fig Wander Dream Journal Sample
Photo by BaronFig

Externally, the Wander features a deep purple fabric hard cover debossed with shining foil stars and a crescent moon. My absolute favorite feature, however, is something that I genuinely hope will make it onto ALL future BaronFig Confidant releases; The Elastic closure band.

Photo by BaronFig

That’s right! BaronFig has finally corrected the one minor inconvenience I had with the Confidant notebook! (Life is about the small victories, people.)

Why keep a Dream Journal?

I’m far from an expert on the subject, but if I’ve learned one thing in the past year it’s that no harm can come from taking a moment to consider what you’re thinking and why you’re thinking it. Whether you’re happy or sad, busy or bored, stressed or relaxed, one thing is universally applicable: self-reflection is self-care.

Those among us who are not pen and paper nerds might ask why a dream journal is necessary if you already keep a standard journal or Bujo. To them, I say we left “necessary” in the dust about three Twsbis ago and never looked back.

In a 2017 article for Psychology Today, Kelly Bulkeley (Ph.D) says this about keeping a dream journal:

“You may find that your journal becomes a unique personal treasure — an invaluable source of insight into your most important concerns, activities, and relationships in the waking world.”

Whether you believe dreams are a projection of a deeper unconscious understanding of the self, or a result of the random firings of neurons as the brain recovers from the day, a dream journal is a great way to reflect and remember. With the system BaronFig has put in place on every page of the Wander Dream Journal, it’s incredibly easy to do so on a consistent basis. Personally, when I have attempted to keep a very consistent journal in the past, I could never quite keep up with it. One would need to look no further than my pen drawer to see that I have issues with discipline, but the system BaronFig designed for the Wander has really made it quite simple to get back into the habit.


A moment of real talk, dear reader; It is my worst-kept secret that I’ve been going through a difficult time lately. Due to some severe losses and abrupt shifts in my personal daily life, I’ve found it difficult to stick with habits and activities that used to bring me so much joy. Since then, keeping a daily journal has become an even more important part of my routine and a dream journal is the natural next step.

The Wander Dream Journal is a welcome departure from the standard minimal formatting of the classic Confidant notebook. While I do enjoy the freedom of a clean slate notebook, the guided format of a dream journal is a great addition to the line. The unique style and a commitment to quality for which BaronFig are known both shine through beautifully. If you have been looking for an easy to follow path to a better understanding of your own mind, the Wander Dream Journal is an excellent tool for that job!

Check out the BaronFig Wander Dream Journal HERE.

If you enjoyed this review, and want to check out the BaronFig Wander Dream Journal for yourself, use this affiliate link to get a $10 discount on your order of $20 or more. Using that code will also assist me in bringing more products in for review.

Disclaimer: BaronFig provided this product to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions stated are those of the author.

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