BaronFig Lock & Key – Part 1

Baron Fig Lock & Key Cover close up

The Lock

In what is probably one of the most well-timed releases to pique my curiosity, BaronFig is starting the year off strong with one of their most unique limited editions yet! The Lock & Key is a matching Confidant and Squire set that is a beautiful step forward in the design of their classic products.

Baron Fig Lock & Key Box
The Lock

The Confidant portion of this release is a beautiful deep green notebook with a closed labyrinth debossed on the front and back covers. Inside the covers, you’ll find yet another maze, this time with a series of symbols hiding what may or may not be the deep dark secrets of Baron Fig. Or maybe it’s just Mama Fig’s cookie recipe, only The Key can reveal the truth.

Baron Fig Lock & Key Interior

The paper is Baron Fig’s standard high quality dot grid fountain pen friendly stock. The paper has a lovely texture that feels comfortable under hand and takes any ink in stride. The texture given to The Lock’s cover by the maze makes this a very comfortable book to carry.

The Lock is available individually for $20.

Baron Fig Lock & Key Secret Poem
A little poetry with the Lock.

The Key

Unfortunately I was not quick enough to grab a review copy of The Key, but I’ve ordered one and will be issuing a full review once it arrives. What I can tell you is that The Key is a solid brass version of The Squire. It is a new take of the traditional style of the pen, and it’s sure to sell out pretty fast.

The Key is available individually for $65.

Lock & Key by Baron Fig
Photo by Baron Fig

Lock & Key

Baron Fig has started the year off strong. If you’re looking to do the same with your journaling and writing habits, the Lock & Key set will be more than up to the task.

The Lock & Key are available as a set for $77 from Baron Fig.

Baron Fig Lock & Key Secret Code
What does it all mean?

If you enjoyed this review, and want to check out the Baron Fig Lock & Key for yourself, use this affiliate link to get a $10 discount on your order of $20 or more. Using that code will also directly assist me in bringing more products in for review.

Disclaimer: Baron Fig provided The Lock to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions stated are those of the author.

Baron Fig Lock & Key Set

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