BaronFig Strategist Note Cards Review

Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards - Writing Sample

BaronFig just launched a paper product that is completely new to their lineup. The Strategist; a set of 100 Dot Grid note cards which aim to be the key to your productivity, one task at a time. While the cards are advertised as an excellent tool to “plan your next book, study for a test, design an app,” let’s cover the basics first.

Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards
Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards


The Strategist set is Baron Fig’s take on the traditional 3 x 5 inch note card. These cards feature rounded corners, a dot grid layout with a blank back, and card-stock thickness that holds up very well to gel pens, fountain pens, fine-liners, and markers. While traditional over-the-counter note cards typically feature either blank or standard lined ruling, I’ve grown to strongly favor the dot grid layout across pretty much every paper format. The Strategist note card set is a very well designed product.

Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards - Writing Sample
A variety of practical applications.


While I may not be currently planning a novel, studying for a test, or designing an app, these cards are great for shopping lists, quick notes, and ink test slips. They have the familiar feel of traditional note cards from my school days, but the dot grid format is a very refreshing update.

Baron Fig Strategist Note Cards shopping list
Great for shopping lists.


Now, as I mentioned, these are very well designed cards. They are functional, sleek, and reliable. They are also $9 for a pack of 100 cards. While I do love the dot grid format, I feel like these cards should be about $2 cheaper to stay competitive. Again, these are great cards, but they are sitting pretty high up on the price range for comparable products.


Overall, The Strategist is a very well made product, but a little too premium for my budget. If you’re an avid note card user, you’ll love Baron Fig’s take on the product. But if you’re just using these for shopping lists, you may not get your money’s worth. If you want to check out The Strategist and see for yourself, use this affiliate link to get a $10 discount on your order and try them out. Using that code will also directly assist me in bringing more products in for review.

Check out The Strategist at Baron Fig.

Disclaimer: Baron Fig provided this product to The Poor Penman blog free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions stated are those of the author.

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