A poor man can afford only the very best.

The Poor Penman was started out of need. Not a need in the market of pen and stationery bloggers, there are plenty of those around. This was a personal need to write, to express, and to share some fresh perspectives and insights from someone who doesn’t have the nicest handwriting or the deepest pockets. This site is a new source for information, reviews, and shopping guides for Pen Addicts and Enthusiasts on a budget.

What do I hope to provide for you?

If you’re here, you have at least an interest in pens and stationary beyond whatever is floating around at your local office supply store. The idea behind this blog is to provide some insight into the shopping process. We can’t all go out and grab a whole new pen & ink set on a whim. If you only have $50 to spend on writing for the next month or three, the reviews on this blog should help you find out if a product you’re looking at is really worth it’s price tag.

What’s in it for me?

Well, aside from having a justification for buying all these pens and notebooks for myself, my ultimate goal is really education. When I get into a hobby or fandom, I tend to want to know everything about it. And the more I learn about a subject, the more I want to share that knowledge with others.

Pat Rothfuss has described a ‘Geek’ as someone who is enthusiastic beyond reason.

I am, among other things, a Pen Geek.


The Poor Penman

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