The Go-To Notebook Review

I have come to a point in my collecting journey where the space I identify as my “pen shelf” has began to more closely resemble a small, independant stationery store. I have at least one piece from all of the popular brands; Rhodia, Leuchtturm1917, Baron Fig, Moleskine, Clairfontaine, Mnemosyne. If it has come up in a public discussion on the subject of notebooks for pen nerds, I’ve aquired some for my own trial.

Last Christmas, a close friend gave me a gift. The gift-giving friend knew the full extent of my notebook collecting habit, and had managed to see what I was missing. She gave me the gift of a stationery product I had not yet heard of. She gave me the Go-To notebook with Mohawk Paper by Chronicle Books.

Chronicle Books Logo

The Notebook

The Go-To Notebook is a large, 6×9 inch semi-flex-cover book filled with 224 pages of 104gsm Mohawk paper. Those pages are split into sections; An index/table of contents section up front, 27 project-planning pages, and 192 pages in either lined, unlined, or dot-grid format paper. The notebook features one bookmark, a back-cover pocket, and numbered pages. The paper is smooth and weighty, providing a solid foundation for any and all ideas you see fit to jot down inside. Those pages are held together with a lay-flat binding, and wrapped in a very nice tactile cloth cover.

As a finishing touch, Chronicle Books saw fit to remove the corners of the Go-To Notebook, giving it a unique look that strikes a certain nostalgia in my nerdy heart.

Mohawk Paper

One of the key features of the Go-To Notebook with Mohawk Paper is the… well, the Mohawk paper. Specifically Mohawk Smooth Carnival Light Blue for the planning pages, and Smooth Superfine White for the main content section. Chosen for its quality and tactile feel, the Mohawk paper is simply excellent. With standard pens and pencils, the paper performs superbly. Ink stays put and dries quickly, and colorful gel pens shine through with great, vibrant detail.

Fountain pens also perform well with Mohawk, though I would say it falls short of being completely fountain pen friendly. I’ve had the best luck with narrow nibs (European fine or narrower), and anything over a medium width tends to feather with every ink I throw at it. However, if you’re using fine or extra fine nibs, you probably like some texture in your writing. If you like a little texture, a hint of scratchiness under your pen, then you’ll like this paper.

My Go-To Notebook?

I have seen a lot of notebooks over the years; Some good, many bad, and a few exceptional. There may come a day where I find The Notebook that works perfectly with all of my pens. One paper manufacturer that has discovered the perfect balance between tactile and ink-collecting properties, one that lets the intended colors of the ink shine through.

Today is not that day.

Here is the bottom line; the Go-To Notebook with Mohawk Paper by Chronicle Books is excellent. Hands-down, no-doubt, can and will recommend. Will I spend $23 on another one when this one fills up? Spoiler alert, I already have (but more on that in a moment.) That said, it doesn’t quite check all my boxes. I love the size, I love the layout, and I love the feel of this notebook. But I know there are some pen/nib and ink combos that I just know will not work how I’d prefer.

So why did I buy another one?

I mentioned up top that I had never heard of this brand before being gifted the notebook. If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d say that there are more than a few people out there that are in a similar boat. So, dear reader, I’ve decided to pay forward my good fortune and give one away. Follow the link below to the Gleam giveaway page. I have one dot-grid Go-To Notebook with Mohawk Paper in beautiful Persimmon Orange that will go to one lucky winner. This giveaway is funded 100% by me, this is not a sponsored post, and I am not connected to or in contact with Chronicle Books. I just firmly believe that more people should try this notebook. I bet you’ll like it.

Go-To Notebook Cover Image

Check out the Go-To Notebook on Chronicle Books.

Click HERE for the Giveaway

Disclaimer: The products in this review were purchased at retail price. (The first by a friend, the second by me). All opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “The Go-To Notebook Review

  1. The most important things I want in a notebook are the absence of bleeding and feathering. Since I almost always write with EF or F nibs, this notebook should do well for me.


  2. The topic of a “one-size-fits-all” notebook is interesting and I have seen it on a lot of different people’s minds. I agree with you about trying different kind of notebooks and branching out to see new things because I firmly believe that’s one of the most enjoyable things about a “pen habit.”

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  3. The qualities I look for in my “go-to” notebook is the quality of the paper. I normally use fountain pens and I look for paper that does not feather nor bleed thru too bad. Like dot grid better than lines.

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