Looking Back, Moving Forward


My 29th year was a bit of a rough patch, let me explain.

A little under a year ago, I was in a rut. The company I’d worked with for close to 5 years was going under. My prospective job opportunities looked less than desirable. And the politics of a messy election season had just begun to darken the horizon. I needed change.

One day I was reading a “Top 10” style list of podcasts for unconventional enthusiasms and I leaned about The Pen Addict Podcast. I had always paid special attention to my writing supplies, and guarded them closely once I found a suitable tool. I would have called myself a Pen Addict then, if I had been aware of the term. But I always thought it was just me, that I was spending way too much time (and money) in the pen aisle at Staples. I had no idea that there were review sites, sellers, podcasts, and even conventions (one of my other areas of interest) focusing on this world or the written word. Before too long, I was a few dozen episodes into the back log, I had a UniBall Signo DX and a Pilot Metropolitan on the way to me through JetPens, and I decided I could do something with this.

Writing was always a great outlet for me, creative or otherwise. Starting a blog and a social media channel seemed like the next logical step, so The Poor Penman was born. Almost one year, eight fountain pens, a few Rhodia and Leuchtturm1917 pads, and a dozen other new pens and pen accessories later, I’ve let it lapse. I could blame it on work hours or my growing concern that I’m so late to the game any opinions I express here will be nothing more than echos of better men and women who actually know what they are doing. But the result is the same;  a blog half empty.

It’s been a year of high highs and low lows. The former was finding out that I’m going to be an uncle, the latter was finding out that my mother has late stage cancer. The company I gave so much time to was purchased by much smarter businessmen who not only kept my job intact, but recognize my contributions to the team. In a word; Stressful.

But, I’ll be Thirty in a few short days. And with this new decade of my life, I’ve chosen to recommit to myself and my passions. I’ve started a paper and ink test project that should consolidate data on dry time, bleed through, and feathering for several major in brands and all the major paper brands. Something I couldn’t seem to find while educating myself over the past months. I’ve got a handful of products purchased with my Christmas bonus (never had one of those before) and reviews are forthcoming.

TL:DR; Sorry for the lack of content, keep an eye out for more very soon. Also, Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley are inspirations.

Important Links:

Pen Addict Podcast


Pen Chalet

Goulet Pen Company

Karas Kustoms



One thought on “Looking Back, Moving Forward

  1. Wow, it’s kind of impressive how much I can relate to this post.
    Last year in February, I was on the verge of losing the job I had for the past six years, and decided to take on a part-time “second’ job, just to be sure I’ll meet months end if the worst comes to worst.
    Turns out they didn’t, but I’ve ended up keeping this second job for a local stationery shop anyway, and it had helped me trough the year, making me fall in love again with pens, ink, calligraphy and stationery. I think I remember your instagram page as one of the first I’ve subscribed to last year (being flat-broke at the time ^^’ ) and I have been following since! 🙂

    So, I’m also turning thirty this year and I just wanted to say ; keep up! 🙂
    I’ll keep coming back to check for those test results you teased us with via insta 🙂


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