So, as the site’s title would suggest, my penmanship could use some work. Shockingly, I draw worse than I write. I want to change that, and the only way is to practice, practice, practice. So I thought up a new challenge that compensates for my laziness and loosens up  some of the perfectionist restrictions I place on myself. So lets jump right into the rules.

  1. Pick a noun (person, place, or thing) or have one randomly selected for you.
  2. Using only ONE page, sketch that noun.
  3. Post your sketch online with the hashtag #TodaysNoun, and tag me (@thepoorpenman)
  4. Post the whole page, mistakes and all.
  5. NO DO-OVERS. Imperfection is expected.
  6. Daily sketches not required, but encouraged.

The point is to just do the work and put it out there. I’ve always been interested in drawing but I get incredibly frustrated when my hand cannot translate what my brain creates. I want to break that habit and I want others to help me along this path. So tell your friends, tag me for re-posts, and keep checking in.

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